Sunday, 22 November 2009

Critic/writing Partner: You need this!

1. Very "important"

previously somebody had an interesting topic. That’s why. I have decided write some few words about it; meaning the critic and partners. I really think it great to have them in all ways—I like them. But you have to fair to each other, not to exaggerate about thing; but to give the right and appropriate advice to your friend.

2. Genre knowledge

it’s helpful to have a critic who understands the genre you’re working on, they should know the instruments of that genre and willing to raise better ideologies on weakness.
Seek for someone who won’t instead make your project to nose dive because of wrong advice.

3. Positivity

a genuine partner shouldn’t make you hate or give up on your book. He /she should just work closely with you to improve it. Not to work on something different, but to encourage with positive ways of how to get your project right.

Personally, I have been & I’m in more than one critic group. We help each other to fix problems on the project in the way the author didn’t and it’s up to her/he to take or ignore our thoughts. They get you to work hard. I love them (critic group) because they raise you up when you’re feeling down or stuck on the project. It’s more interesting, when they’re telling you about their experiences—but for the writers block; I’m sorry, did I mention that personally I don’t believe in it? And trust me if writers have a block, then also other careers do.

Never go on the defensive about your project when it’s critiqued, unless there’s a strong reason to. Analyze their advice before you rush to change anything on your project.
In other words critics groups inspire, encourage and they can make you progress, including no matter what.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Hello There, amazing, fountain

Wow, I’m talking about this weeks post. I should perhaps just not post...really...but I’m now doing this weekly.
I'm writing. A lot, last weekend I took a big "off," and it all went pretty good, thanks to my colleagues, Jay (especially). Candidly,
I have few more chapters to write before I call it done, this month, or next month? Guess what!

On the other hand, I thought you may enjoy THIS exciting musical fountain.