Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Write out for a little fun!

I had a lot of talk about suitable places for writing with a friend, and I pointed it out to him that for me it doesn’t matter where I ‘am. But what matters might be what I’m writing about. It was exciting to see which place better than the other, usually on weekends I write at any star bucks or any other coffee shop.

This time, we didn’t only go to swim at the beach, but also we both managed to get words written before sunset!

I love experimenting new things!

I don’t mind to write with other people around.

It was actually a good thing, because while we were writing it was extremely interesting looking at the wide-sweeping view of the sea. I’m repeatedly surprised that, I didn’t spend a lot of time staring at the sea……lol….. though it was an inspiring beauty.

So I have a question for you;

1. Where do you write?

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Meet and write

Yesterday happened to be another  interesting evening at  Pullman hotel. Thanks to you all who spared that little time from your busy schedules to come and attend the meet up.

It’s always interesting to hear how other writers go about their writing.

Hope you don’t miss out on the next one and appreciation to Nancy & Will for choosing the location.