Sunday, 22 November 2009

Critic/writing Partner: You need this!

1. Very "important"

previously somebody had an interesting topic. That’s why. I have decided write some few words about it; meaning the critic and partners. I really think it great to have them in all ways—I like them. But you have to fair to each other, not to exaggerate about thing; but to give the right and appropriate advice to your friend.

2. Genre knowledge

it’s helpful to have a critic who understands the genre you’re working on, they should know the instruments of that genre and willing to raise better ideologies on weakness.
Seek for someone who won’t instead make your project to nose dive because of wrong advice.

3. Positivity

a genuine partner shouldn’t make you hate or give up on your book. He /she should just work closely with you to improve it. Not to work on something different, but to encourage with positive ways of how to get your project right.

Personally, I have been & I’m in more than one critic group. We help each other to fix problems on the project in the way the author didn’t and it’s up to her/he to take or ignore our thoughts. They get you to work hard. I love them (critic group) because they raise you up when you’re feeling down or stuck on the project. It’s more interesting, when they’re telling you about their experiences—but for the writers block; I’m sorry, did I mention that personally I don’t believe in it? And trust me if writers have a block, then also other careers do.

Never go on the defensive about your project when it’s critiqued, unless there’s a strong reason to. Analyze their advice before you rush to change anything on your project.
In other words critics groups inspire, encourage and they can make you progress, including no matter what.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Hello There, amazing, fountain

Wow, I’m talking about this weeks post. I should perhaps just not post...really...but I’m now doing this weekly.
I'm writing. A lot, last weekend I took a big "off," and it all went pretty good, thanks to my colleagues, Jay (especially). Candidly,
I have few more chapters to write before I call it done, this month, or next month? Guess what!

On the other hand, I thought you may enjoy THIS exciting musical fountain.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

A moment with readers

Introducing you to few readers of my works (and often, many other as well) will love.
I’ve got quite a few moments and thanks to them for making that opportunity of meeting up possible, talking about writing and their inspirations, favorite books and more.
On that day, it was Lindsey and Nielu from of a terrific book club. They’re fun to meet (hey, just like mine!)
Thank you girls….

Saturday, 6 June 2009

My book is shortlisted for the best cover award

SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST has been shortlisted for the New Covey Cover Awards. This award shares a similar goal in wanting to recognise cover art but at a more pragmatic level.

Its an award for the best book cover out there.its a distinction handed out to those book covers that speak to the Cover Cover Judges as the most voted by readers. the polls are now open and the polling will close on midnight june 14th.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

My confession

Since the publication of save the best for last, I did not expected being invited to a number of local book clubs and authors conferences. It is contrary to the nature of a common man to join a book club or any literary conference [why me, I didn't have the answer, either] so I receive several call

s, emails requesting these genial discussions on convenient evenings. There is always a kind of cheerful interaction, which helps us do away with the social discomfort that I sometimes enjoy seeing people laughing together, tossing drinks though it’s their first meeting.

I like suits and I always wear them, were necessary. The host invites me in and I sit down in a comfortable in an armed chair and smile. As we introduce ourselves, I tend to listen carefully, to their lyrical voices. To my surprise, people in these conferences [men and women] always seem to be attractive and intelligent; unfortunately they’re all unpublished authors who think of writing better books than the new York bestsellers. Anyway, its good to have that spirit And, of course, when it’s my turn to start reading [my book] so many questions interrupts the reading as they want me to explain every twist and turn in the certain paragraph.

At the end of the meeting, some people contact me privately, asking. How can I create a character with finger to the size of a sausage without seeing my neighbor having one? Not only I start answering the question, but I also battle blocking my laughter’s, and I’m always frank cautioning them that if you don’t fear to be sued, then go ahead and write about someone without his/her consent. It is best to admit, the first meeting of the local author’s conference has been fan to me and I just can wait to meet these amazing people in the next meeting.

kim hanks

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Here's another review of Save the best for last......Click here!

Last week,i started my virtual blog tour as i mentioned here.i appreciate you all who have endeavored to stop by to leave some comments for me.keep them coming i love them.

So here the review of my book by Ginny in her own words;

I just finished reading the first book in a new series by Kim Hanks. It is titled Save The Best for Last.

Zwick Lamps, a secret admirer to Whitney Barnes, got targeted by a genius son of the past evil family that had lived in Green Oasis Town. However, it was once before that Zwick had finally discovered his supernatural powers that were only known by the isolated old woman Tabitha, a misfortuned lady whose husband died on their wedding day.

Save the Best for Last is a really quick read. It took me only 2 days, if I wasn't busy with my kiddos I could have easily finished it off in one afternoon. The book is an exciting 95 pages with some fascinating characters. The town of Green Oasis has an evil past. The story starts out telling us about this evil family that was killed, leaving only their one son Karl. We are introduced to Whitney right away who quickly becomes friends with the main character Zwick. Most of the characters attend the University. Whitney and Zwick become friends with Matt, Kent, Marie & Rae along with Karl. The story is about friendship, dating and supernatural. It is an interesting read. I look forward to reading the next installment of the book, with Zwick and Matt and some other friends returning.

Kim hanks

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Click here....To see my first tour stop

my virtual book tour has officially began as of today and it will end on March 31. You can check my blog stops at find out more about my great book.

you can follow all my blog stops and leave there some comments for me!

kim hanks

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Taking my book on the virtual level

i have got a busy month of march coming to promote my book through out the blogosphere.
I'm happy to invite you to join me on my first virtual book tour with pump up your book promotion.

officially it will begin march 1,check out the links to all my blog stops and leave comments for me to know that you stopped by.

Kim hanks

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

My interview with Cheryl

I had the great opportunity to interview Mr. Hanks. You can read my review below.

I want to thank you for letting me interview you.

Thank you too for having me here, Cheryl.

Please tell everyone about yourself? Also please share something about yourself that people would be surprised to learn about.

Nice question, sincerely, I’m a guy down to earth. I’m a pleasant person, I like listening to people of all kinds. Becoming a published author was one of my resolutions I made at the beginning of last year, after realizing that I had a plenty of catchy stories which the world would like to read.I have a full time job, I read daily as writer and writing is something I love doing apart from my hr career.

What is it like living in Dubai?

Dubai is such an amazing multicultural city and it has become so, in unimaginable period. It’s a dynamic place with wonderful people from all corners of the world; I love the place as continues to develop predominantly among many other Middle Eastern cities.

Do you have any type of routine when you’re writing?

Honestly yes, writing daily is a must to me except on the weekends. I always write late in the nights and some few mornings on my day off’s. But I prefer writing late at night because it’s more convenient to me at the moment.
Writing in the morning would be great, if I was writing full time. But some days I get dilemma in deciding what to do first between writing and answering emails of which some may be requiring urgent attention.
Anyway, I will deal with it when I start writing full time.

What is your favorite food to eat?

Oh gosh!!! My favorite food? Butter chicken with rice and French fries makes a good meal for me, if you’re to invite me for lunch.

How did you come up with the concept for Save the Best for Last?

On this, I must concede that the concept of Save the best for last was a day dream I had one afternoon when I was lying reluctantly on my bed. I remember everything was just visually crazy in making before I grab a key board on to my lap. So, as a person who loved writing and the fact that I’m a creative writing student, I knew this was a novel event. From that day, I decided to put it in writing as visual aspects continued to unfold endlessly until now.

One of the main characters in the book is named Zwick. I am curious how you came up with this name?

Well, his name is a bit exotic, I admit that. But Zwick is one of the most popular male names used in green oasis, a fantasy town. I didn’t have to use my neighbors’ names or look for a baby names book to get the name of my hero. As a fantasy author, hopefully the next “Stephen King” I thought it was important for me to sit, think and see how my work would stand unique from other works. But Zwick is just a name out of my imaginations.

How did you react to the news, when you heard that your novel, Save the Best for Last was going to be published by Raider Publishing International?

It was on my birthday when I received a call, that my manuscript had been accepted. It was the greatest surprise I got on my 21st birthday. I jumped up with joy to an extent of mashing my friend’s foot.

What else do readers have to look forward to from you?

A sequel to save the best for last is on the way. I also have two single title books in editing process; hopefully they will be available for my readers in a near future.
I’m also tempted to say that, we have received two movie proposals for save the best for last. But I can’t disclose more that at this moment.

What is the one piece of advice you want to give readers?

Definitely, I advise my readers. Never rush to get things done for no good reason and always stand up for what you believe in…even if it means standing alone.I also recommend you to read my book, save the best for last to readers.

Thank you again for allowing me this interview. I appreciate it.

It has been a privilege to me.

Thanks for reading it,



Saturday, 14 February 2009

Review of my book, save the best for last

Many years ago in a oasis town something terrible took place. There were two men by the names of Zwick Lamps and Karl Hamilton. A horrific fire raged through the town and Zwick and Karl were both put on trial. Zwick was set free but Karl was convicted and beheaded.

Now present day, Zwick is reborn once again but this time he has supernatural powers that only one person knew about and that was Madam Tabitha. A woman who’s husband died on their wedding day. Zwick was not the only one who came back from the dead. An evil bangle arose from Karl’s body. It seeks revenge and destruction to all in the oasis town.

Zwick becomes attracted to a girl by the name of Whitney. Whitney and Zwick form a connection as they both have experienced tragedy. Whitney’s mother died in an accident. Everything is good till the one day when someone learns about Zwick and targets him. Now Zwick will do everything in his powers to keep history from repeating itself.

I did get a little confused at first by what was happening but that quickly went away as I got further along in the story. I could pick up on Mr. Hanks love for JK. Rowling’s Harry Potter books as some of that magic appeared in his novel. Save the Best for Last was filled with lots of magic, adventure and friendship. What a nice first novel from new author Kim Hanks. Save the Best for Last is the first novel in this series. Can’t wait to see how the series and characters play out.


kim hanks

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Wearing another hat!

Right now i'm so busy working on two projects and promoting my published novel save the best for last.
Apparently its seems to be alot, but becoming an actor awaits!

my very first acting class! what a thrill!
although i'm shy and feeling nervous about it,i'm excited.
i have held on to my faith and belief to go and attend my first class.

Tiffany, is my sweet friend and person whose words were irresistible on our first talk. it was after those words that, the next step for me was to register. she sounded extremly kind as we talked.she said i will make it....with alluring smile which impressed me............and i think it will be much fun....


Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Announcing winners of the contest.

Hi friends,

i held a free book contest last month on my official website and these were the lucky winners ;

Kathy Jones
Abir Ellahham
Cat miller
Honey b

Amanda Clevenger




Monday, 9 February 2009

Book trailer for save the best for last

Hi friends,

you can have a look at my book trailer,what is a book trailer?

its a short promotion video for my novel save the best for last.
follow the links below to watch the videos;

your feelings about it, are highly welcome.

hope you like it,
kim hanks

Welcome to my newly created blog

Hi everyone,

This is my new blog, dedicated to me and my fellow authors around the world.
it will help writers to show case their current and future projects for free of charge.

writers you're highly invited to come and take a look, and then share your creativity with the world.

Author Kim hanks