Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Not totally Unique

Hey Folks,

Will and Traci have a great idea! But look guys, why don’t we all try this;
I have a feeling it may work for some of you guys as well as it works for me. Though, I’m afraid that some may find it boring…..lol.
When I’m working on any dialogue of my stories, I always read them line-by-line addition to that, I read them out loudly, imagine you’re in the shoes  of your main character in that scene, caught between the rock and a hard place…... I think, this is one way you would be able to identify a non sparkling dialogue because your mind will obviously pick it up.
You can revise and modify your dialogue as you go along and it’s extremely helpful to have a good sense of what leads to that dialogue before the character says it to the other.
Be honest to yourself, don’t be afraid of deletion. Change dialogues in your scenes that are not compelling or you feel they’re abrupt. If you find your dialogues interesting, the readers will as well enjoy them like you did while writing them.

I also suggest that idea Will and Traci proposed. The guys at DUCTAC are fabulously awesome.