Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Not totally Unique

Hey Folks,

Will and Traci have a great idea! But look guys, why don’t we all try this;
I have a feeling it may work for some of you guys as well as it works for me. Though, I’m afraid that some may find it boring…..lol.
When I’m working on any dialogue of my stories, I always read them line-by-line addition to that, I read them out loudly, imagine you’re in the shoes  of your main character in that scene, caught between the rock and a hard place…... I think, this is one way you would be able to identify a non sparkling dialogue because your mind will obviously pick it up.
You can revise and modify your dialogue as you go along and it’s extremely helpful to have a good sense of what leads to that dialogue before the character says it to the other.
Be honest to yourself, don’t be afraid of deletion. Change dialogues in your scenes that are not compelling or you feel they’re abrupt. If you find your dialogues interesting, the readers will as well enjoy them like you did while writing them.

I also suggest that idea Will and Traci proposed. The guys at DUCTAC are fabulously awesome. 

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Now on the back of the wind

Well; I've gone a little overboard on the books last month but it was a stellar month and I like to support fellow authors by reading their works.

I'm reviewing the paperback edition of this book. I was sure of what to expect from the Now on the back of the wind, having heard the author read two poems from the book; at the poetry workshop. It's a terrific compendium of poetry all written by frank.

I wonder whether you guys have come across any of franks’ poetry work. There truly clever poems on a wide range of subjects in his book. Sincerely, it’s the first time I have read poetry to such a depth but I adored his poetry collection. It's cute and clever. Well and when I spoke to Frank – I mention it to him, especially my favorite poems in his main stream collection.

Friday, 10 June 2011

I loved this quote from the moment he said it.

“Don't let your memories be greater than your goals” Jacob Uys

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Workshop Review

Dear Frank,

You were so articulate and wonderful last evening. The workshop reminds me of how awesome you are, and (again) how amazing poetry is. Thanks a lot to those who attended, and I loved every minute of it!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Write out for a little fun!

I had a lot of talk about suitable places for writing with a friend, and I pointed it out to him that for me it doesn’t matter where I ‘am. But what matters might be what I’m writing about. It was exciting to see which place better than the other, usually on weekends I write at any star bucks or any other coffee shop.

This time, we didn’t only go to swim at the beach, but also we both managed to get words written before sunset!

I love experimenting new things!

I don’t mind to write with other people around.

It was actually a good thing, because while we were writing it was extremely interesting looking at the wide-sweeping view of the sea. I’m repeatedly surprised that, I didn’t spend a lot of time staring at the sea……lol….. though it was an inspiring beauty.

So I have a question for you;

1. Where do you write?

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Meet and write

Yesterday happened to be another  interesting evening at  Pullman hotel. Thanks to you all who spared that little time from your busy schedules to come and attend the meet up.

It’s always interesting to hear how other writers go about their writing.

Hope you don’t miss out on the next one and appreciation to Nancy & Will for choosing the location.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Twenty four and counting!!!

I turned twenty four on Sunday. I was going to do this post on EASTER with several photos of my birthday party, but instead i have preferred to reserve them for another post…. I got a lot of amazing gifts, thanks Liz, and the great advice for life thanks to Mr. Japie Uys…… I don't think you realize what you mean to me, not the slightest clue.

Anyway; most of may  have noticed a surge in the number of posts I have made so far this year! It’s just a commitment to blogging, but as well having what to write about.....lol.

Well! I'm now twenty four! *literary…I haven’t felt twenty four yet, maybe I will feel that old, tonight…? I’m planning on having a wonderful year, filled with excitement and adventure, lots of reading ,writing and driving my new wheels!

I wish the same to you all my friends!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Blessed and Happy Easter

A bright wish to share the joy of Easter time with your friends and family.

To write a book in 4 days? Imagine, the book you have been trying to write for months

I liked this movie LIMITLESS in which Bradley Cooper plays Eddie Morra, a burnt-out writer whose life is at a dead-end.

With a writer’s block, can’t even type a word on the white blank screen, can’t afford the rent bills anymore and to make things worse his girlfriend drops him. Did it mean the end of the world to Eddie?

Nope! All of that changes after he gets chance meet his former brother-in-law, whom he had not seen in years. There is a subplot of murder but it over shadowed when Eddie get a pill that enables him to access all of the brain. The pill is an experimental drug called NZT-48.

It was a fascinating movie throughout and I felt this was an original concept.

Monday, 11 April 2011

On writing...

I’m writing a police procedural in the next new chapters—but it doesn’t imply that my book is a thriller. It’s required by the plot ………… I have got it already mapped on paper before I get to phone the local police station. My creative mind wants to write one for the first time as I have never done it before. My debut book didn’t require one, so that’s why I never got to write it. But this time it part of the story….. On the other hand I feel nervy about it.

Why nervy…?

First of all, I have to book an appointment with local police detective, go to the police assuming the appointment is scheduled there and not forgetting the time he/she’s going to spend answering your questions.

I’m sure that will be a lot of WHAT IF questions arising…..did I mention the likes of; (What the Killer turns into a dinosaur when the detective is still on the crime scene……?)

I think it will be fun. Asking the detective all those what if, questions. At some point they’re quite irritating on my side I don’t really like them. But, I can’t avoid them especially when I’m teaching students tend to raise them often in the class.

Hope to write another post after meeting the detective…….

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Oops! ...I Did It Again

I am extremely happy and utterly excited! Huge appreciation to my family, workmates, and friends;

Now, another goal accomplished!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Positive attitudes and thinking

Thoughts have power. As we think, so we become. If we allow negative thoughts to dominate our mind, we will be frustrated, unhappy and lacking in inner peace. If we can stop negative thoughts, we will be able to see the beautiful, even in the mundane; we will be able to attain peace of mind, even in the turmoil of everyday life.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Dubai Writers Meet up

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of being part of the Dubai Writers Group. It was held at Domes Café, and it was interestingly a brilliant Meet Up.

There wasn’t much public speaking on my side; I got to speak to most of the audience one on one, all interesting people. Not very many attended that day as in the earlier meet up’s, but it was pretty cool. I was so grateful to meet them as well listen to their ideas which were fantastic to look at as they passed them around on the piece of a paper for us to vote on the next topic for writing.

After the voting, “The day I was arrested” was announced the winning topic. Congratulations to the owner of that idea although I can’t get to recall his/her name…lol.

Had fun, lots of coffee many thanks to Will, for organizing and volunteering for the Dubai Writers Meet Up.

I didn’t take pictures, but hopefully next time.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Still on track

I have just started another phase of editing. There few parts which i have had a second thought on and had to rethink...interview people, with experiences. Mostly for my major character, perhaps she’s the same age as my best friend’s youngest daughter.

I have been writing this book not for so long, but it’s just commitment to work on it as any other writer would, whenever time permits. Late night hours and weekends.

Last weekend i had a visit to the area where part of my book is set…i just couldn’t smiling to myself…i was just wondering how perfect my imagination is despite that i had not visited that area before writing this book.

Everything is just perfect with it, thinking about my new EDITOR. She loves the idea like crazy.....lol. Saying it’s a new concept in commercial literature and hopefully; i will start revealing about the book VERY SOON............. :)

Sunday, 6 March 2011

I'm a guest on the radio Talk Show.......Discussing Two Caravans.

Discovering Marina Lewcyka

I grew up reading everything I could get my hands on…despite the fact that none of my parents is book warm.........lol. Two of my sisters read, but they’re also not in any way near to me. I always love to read and then talk books or writing ….Last year, i had started being picky on genres i read and the ones i don’t. However, few moments later i realized that i was missing a lot as a writer. Then, I knew it wasn’t for me. i went back to plan A. Read everything.........it was last month when i came across Two Caravans by Marina Lewcyka.

Had i read any of her earlier works? The answer is...... No. I read her book in few days. I loved everything about her book. It’s the funniest book i have read so far this year. Therefore, I have chosen to discuss her book to the Talking books show on the radio this weekend.

Now, i think I’m a huge fan. I look forward to reading more of her other works including A short history of tractors in Ukrainian.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Happy New Year

Hi everyone,

Exactly, we are counting three days into the year 2011...again this year I have tried this resolution thing since it worked for me last year (2010) and I’m pleased with all what I achieved in the past year.

I usually make the usual New Year resolutions like everyone who does this. But this time I have stepped up the number of my resolution after assessing myself properly........This time they’re four resolutions instead of two and I have that strong feeling to keep them alive .

I feel this is a special year for me. As author and my writing, and advance my teaching career in terms of PCD….

I wish you all a happy and a healthy New Year,