Sunday, 3 April 2011

Dubai Writers Meet up

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of being part of the Dubai Writers Group. It was held at Domes Café, and it was interestingly a brilliant Meet Up.

There wasn’t much public speaking on my side; I got to speak to most of the audience one on one, all interesting people. Not very many attended that day as in the earlier meet up’s, but it was pretty cool. I was so grateful to meet them as well listen to their ideas which were fantastic to look at as they passed them around on the piece of a paper for us to vote on the next topic for writing.

After the voting, “The day I was arrested” was announced the winning topic. Congratulations to the owner of that idea although I can’t get to recall his/her name…lol.

Had fun, lots of coffee many thanks to Will, for organizing and volunteering for the Dubai Writers Meet Up.

I didn’t take pictures, but hopefully next time.

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