Monday, 11 April 2011

On writing...

I’m writing a police procedural in the next new chapters—but it doesn’t imply that my book is a thriller. It’s required by the plot ………… I have got it already mapped on paper before I get to phone the local police station. My creative mind wants to write one for the first time as I have never done it before. My debut book didn’t require one, so that’s why I never got to write it. But this time it part of the story….. On the other hand I feel nervy about it.

Why nervy…?

First of all, I have to book an appointment with local police detective, go to the police assuming the appointment is scheduled there and not forgetting the time he/she’s going to spend answering your questions.

I’m sure that will be a lot of WHAT IF questions arising…..did I mention the likes of; (What the Killer turns into a dinosaur when the detective is still on the crime scene……?)

I think it will be fun. Asking the detective all those what if, questions. At some point they’re quite irritating on my side I don’t really like them. But, I can’t avoid them especially when I’m teaching students tend to raise them often in the class.

Hope to write another post after meeting the detective…….

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