Saturday, 12 March 2011

Still on track

I have just started another phase of editing. There few parts which i have had a second thought on and had to rethink...interview people, with experiences. Mostly for my major character, perhaps she’s the same age as my best friend’s youngest daughter.

I have been writing this book not for so long, but it’s just commitment to work on it as any other writer would, whenever time permits. Late night hours and weekends.

Last weekend i had a visit to the area where part of my book is set…i just couldn’t smiling to myself…i was just wondering how perfect my imagination is despite that i had not visited that area before writing this book.

Everything is just perfect with it, thinking about my new EDITOR. She loves the idea like Saying it’s a new concept in commercial literature and hopefully; i will start revealing about the book VERY SOON............. :)

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