Sunday, 6 March 2011

Discovering Marina Lewcyka

I grew up reading everything I could get my hands on…despite the fact that none of my parents is book Two of my sisters read, but they’re also not in any way near to me. I always love to read and then talk books or writing ….Last year, i had started being picky on genres i read and the ones i don’t. However, few moments later i realized that i was missing a lot as a writer. Then, I knew it wasn’t for me. i went back to plan A. Read was last month when i came across Two Caravans by Marina Lewcyka.

Had i read any of her earlier works? The answer is...... No. I read her book in few days. I loved everything about her book. It’s the funniest book i have read so far this year. Therefore, I have chosen to discuss her book to the Talking books show on the radio this weekend.

Now, i think I’m a huge fan. I look forward to reading more of her other works including A short history of tractors in Ukrainian.

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