Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Happy New Year

Hi everyone,

Exactly, we are counting three days into the year 2011...again this year I have tried this resolution thing since it worked for me last year (2010) and I’m pleased with all what I achieved in the past year.

I usually make the usual New Year resolutions like everyone who does this. But this time I have stepped up the number of my resolution after assessing myself properly........This time they’re four resolutions instead of two and I have that strong feeling to keep them alive .

I feel this is a special year for me. As author and my writing, and advance my teaching career in terms of PCD….

I wish you all a happy and a healthy New Year,



  1. hi Kim thanx for stopping by my blog, what does PCD mean? pussycat dolls? and have a wonderful year ahead

  2. Lol....

    Its Personal Career Development......Not Pussycat dolls.

    Thanks for a visit Joanna and have good week.