Saturday, 21 March 2009

My confession

Since the publication of save the best for last, I did not expected being invited to a number of local book clubs and authors conferences. It is contrary to the nature of a common man to join a book club or any literary conference [why me, I didn't have the answer, either] so I receive several call

s, emails requesting these genial discussions on convenient evenings. There is always a kind of cheerful interaction, which helps us do away with the social discomfort that I sometimes enjoy seeing people laughing together, tossing drinks though it’s their first meeting.

I like suits and I always wear them, were necessary. The host invites me in and I sit down in a comfortable in an armed chair and smile. As we introduce ourselves, I tend to listen carefully, to their lyrical voices. To my surprise, people in these conferences [men and women] always seem to be attractive and intelligent; unfortunately they’re all unpublished authors who think of writing better books than the new York bestsellers. Anyway, its good to have that spirit And, of course, when it’s my turn to start reading [my book] so many questions interrupts the reading as they want me to explain every twist and turn in the certain paragraph.

At the end of the meeting, some people contact me privately, asking. How can I create a character with finger to the size of a sausage without seeing my neighbor having one? Not only I start answering the question, but I also battle blocking my laughter’s, and I’m always frank cautioning them that if you don’t fear to be sued, then go ahead and write about someone without his/her consent. It is best to admit, the first meeting of the local author’s conference has been fan to me and I just can wait to meet these amazing people in the next meeting.

kim hanks

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  1. Those local meetings can be quite interesting at times.